ON IDEALIZATIONS… How do we overcome them?


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Question: “How do we overcome idealizations?”

Gintaras: “You’ll only overcome idealizations in two ways. Through suffering and knowledge. Through knowledge and suffering. Through suffering and knowledge. Through knowledge and suffering.

Which one of these will prevail in your life, is a subjective matter. You might say it’s proportional: if you are more oriented towards, and are more successful at gaining knowledge—then suffering will proportionally decrease. Well – and vice versa, you might say…

And suffering, later, also leads to knowledge. Everything becomes knowledge eventually.

Question: “Knowledge of what?”

Gintaras: “Knowledge of what? And what can be known?”

Question: “The truth?”

What is the truth?

Gintaras: “And what is the truth? – That which is. That which is and… The way it is. That’s what you need to know. Including – “who am I, how am I, where am I, why am I” – things like that.”

Question: “But if we were more concrete, for example, nowadays people mostly idealize their other half, or money… What would you advise in such a case?

When idealization dies?

Gintaras: “If you’ve idealized something and you raise such a question to yourself, then this idealization is, in practice, no longer an idealization. Then it dies – if you’ve understood that it was an idealization. And then your question, “what do you do”, becomes illogical, you see.

But if someone doesn’t know that he has such idealizations… Then he won’t ask himself such a question. Then he will live his life, pursuing those values…

“…Your Lord is where your heart lie…”

The principle is simple: a person pursues that in which he sees his happiness, his salvation. In other words: “your Lord is where your heart lies”. Where your attention is, where your heart is – there is your God, your Lord. The person thinks that his salvation lies there, you know… And he rushes there.

It happens that a woman idealizes a man, or a man idealizes a woman – it’s only because we come from the supreme, divine aspect. From the absolutely sublime, loving aspect of fullness, perfection and purity – and we have an infinite nostalgia for it. And we are looking for it on earth, you know…

And when someone is looking for happiness in money, in material values – it’s more due to the influence of the instinctive mind, not the higher, spiritual one…

You see, it must be the only difference here: that when someone tends to idealize love, or a person – it mostly comes from the higher aspects, from your spiritual nature. And that… deification of material values… It shouldn’t even be titled “deification”, it should be called “idolization” of material values… And it comes solely from the lower mind, the animal mind…
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