Miracle of MEDITATIVE RUNNING… How to meditate while running?


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Gintaras: “In the physical body, everything that is not used begins to deteriorate and wither immediately. Automatically. Here’s a simple example: once I had my arm in a plaster cast, so when I took it off, it was just a bone covered with skin. Like it was half dead. And imagine, I was 15 then, when the body is still developing. And yet, imagine, it was completely atrophied, like dystrophy.

Anyway, the point is that we need to consciously, consistently, regularly give a lot to the body. The body has memory everywhere in it, all the muscles have memory.

Your body has a memory!

If you’re running – the body remembers everything: what workloads you get, in what mode, it has the memory of everything. But that’s another topic…

…Only, when we say “memory”, we should see it as some volume. A muscle is a volume. Give it exercise, and it accumulates. We think that the muscle is growing, but in fact it accumulates memory. The volume increases. The volume increases as a receptacle of power, receptacle of memory.

Our goal when running…

So, our goal when running is to raise the whole energetic tone. The blood thrusts its way while running, blood circulation intensifies several times.

The volume of the lungs also increases several times as the alveoli open. That’s the physiological mechanism. The alveoli are pulmonary balloons which suck in air… You inhale air, and then they communicate with the blood and give away the oxygen.

The inner volume of the lungs expands, roughly speaking. It expands. The body gets saturated with oxygen. Plus – the brain… The brain, the activity of the brain, this transceiver, takes 25 percent of oxygen consumed by man.

Especially important for women…

It’s especially important for women, women often have low blood-pressure. They have a disorder of the so-called capillarity. And of the skin capillarity too. Women have much narrower face capillaries than men. Their capillarity is often disrupted.

Also, brain capillarity… It’s directly connected with your brain activity, with your exuberance…

So, you need to have this beautiful motivation in your understanding…

Combine it with meditation

…And one more thing is that when you run, you have to combine it with meditation. The brain, the activity of the brain becomes many times more efficient when you’re running. Blood nourishes the brain, gives it a lot of oxygen, so the brain has very great potential then.

As we run, there are inhalations all the time. All of your energy is amplified. All the energy is amplified when you’re running. Of course, when fatigue begins, then the energy subsides. So, we do it in an optimal way.

Where I am – there my attention is…

Attention too. According to the rule: where I am – there my attention is. Then – what is your goal, what do you want to do with that attention?”

Question: “So how do we meditate while running?”

Gintaras: “…While running… Now, at first, you can try to run on the spot… Where you’re standing… The Sun… should irradiate you throughout. You know, it shines through you, just cleanses you, purifies you, the sun irradiates you throughout, you see…

…We see a man as opaque. But all those radiations, the infinity of those radiations that come from this, the Sun, they penetrate us. And we, in turn, willingly open as receptacles… And the chakras – let the chakras also breathe.

Soak in the sun, just embed it, take it in, blend with it.

As you’re running, there’s also wind. It’s the same with wind. The breeze – let it blow through you.

Let it cleanse you throughout. Like this, freely, as if through a leafless tree, here it flows. It purifies you.

…breath enters through the top of your head.

While running, have in your imagination that the breath enters through the top of your head. Repeat three times.

Then again – breathe in through your crotch. You don’t need to do it with your hands: just in your imagination, you know.

Plus, you have in your imagination the whole so-called Toro’s principle. Your aura is like a circular winding. Toro’s principle…

…You are in the middle. And you are turning the energies. Some of them coming, let’s say, from heaven, from the Holy Spirit, it’s the Prana…

The air, higher elements…

And the lower ones, from the earth. Earth, water, solely for the body… Coming in through these lower chakras…

Spiritual aspects…

In our knowledge, in our learning it is already known that there are the spiritual aspects… We draw them in through here. Freely, not by force…

…And these ones. We pull them from the earth… The body is made… This physical body almost one hundred percent, with an error of a fraction of a percentage point, is made of earth – here, it’s our kindred element, and of the energy of this star (points to the sun).

And so we run, having these beautiful understandings…

… Cleansing the chakras…

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