What is MAYA – The Illusion… how to be independent of it…?


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Question:  Tell us about Maya – the Illusion: how do we recognize it and how do we become free from it?

Gintaras: That’s an interesting question. About Maya and illusion… It’s been discussed a lot and all of my seminars, the ones in which we discuss The Origin deal with this question. Unless you’ve watched and understood them, you’ll never fully understand it. Who doesn’t know The Origin, doesn’t know anything at all, you see?

If you don’t know The Origin it’s like tearing pages from a book, reading parts of it, trying to assemble it, but not seeing what it’s all about.

So, I’ll just roughly and quickly tell you that everything that is manifest is Maya. Everything that is manifest, everything that has a form. A form, do you hear?

And what has no form?

That’s why it is Maya…

Another point is that forms are not stable. That’s why it is Maya, you see? – Cause it’s all continuously changing. There are no unchangeable forms. Nothing is as constant as change. And there is nothing stationary at all.

Here is the table, but we know very well from physics that it’s just an energy formation of vibrations which is also in constant change, you see?

We, relatively, see it here as if tangible. But even so, it’s decaying, it changes in each moment of time. So, everything entirely is Maya. The whole Universe, when it’s manifest, is Maya… Illusory… It’s the Illusion but it exists…

To be independent – means to attain Enlightenment, the permanent one – to step out of Maya altogether…

And how to be independent of it…? You can’t be independent of it… Your body is Maya, everything that’s yours, your soul is Maya.

To get out of it, to be independent… You can’t be totally independent. To be independent – means to attain Enlightenment, the permanent one – to step out of Maya altogether. I say, I have attained Enlightenment, but it was a momentary Enlightenment.

“But I experienced it and I know that it is possible to come out of Maya.”

But I experienced it and I know that it is possible to come out of Maya. And there, already, an ordinary human mind couldn’t even grasp it. There is no mind there any longer, can you imagine… And there’s no need for the mind there. There is nothing manifest there at all, imagine? – Can you imagine a reality in which there is nothing manifest? But that reality exists.

So, how do you describe it, or get to know it? And imagine, that reality which is – it’s infinite, and that reality is Yourself.

Imagine reality where it’s neither light nor dark, which is, but you can’t characterize anything in it, and you don’t need to, you just are That there. These things are already beyond understanding.

This is what independence from Maya means…

Therefore, you are in Maya so far. To be independent of Maya, as we put it, means that you need to be independent of some of its individual formations, its plays. This is what independence from Maya means.

You need to realize that the whole Universe is continuous Maya. Endless plays. Here is your body—it’s Maya. Understand? However sexy it is, it’s just Maya, you know…

Over there is another body, of a girl, it’s also Maya.

To be independent, you know… Everything is Maya. All the people have bodies made of Maya.

And you depend on one of them, for instance, you fell in love… With one of them, imagine…  Then your relationship becomes special…

And if your relationship with everything is an even, beautifully emanating attention… – Here we touch upon the relationships, we had that seminar where we dealt with it.

Your relationship with everything and anything should be free, not confined, relaxed. God gives me something – I take it. God takes it from me—I let it go, here… Such is your relationship with everything and anything.

As soon as you try to hold on to something – that’s it, the relationship is already pathological, it’ll bring threats to you…

That’s about it, you know…


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