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Gintaras Lunskis, Master of Wisdom!

Gintaras Lunskis, Master of Wisdom!

My name is Mindaugas and I am the Administrator of MasterOfWisdom.com. English is not my first language, so please ignore my mistakes or different writing style :)

I met a guy who got enlightened in prison… and got SHOCKED when I saw him…!

I have met Gintaras several years ago in Lithuania. It’s a small country in Europe, near the Baltic Sea. One day I was told by my friend that there is, a guy who got “Enlightened in Prison” and he was about to meet him in the small coffee shop.

I was really shocked, when we got there. He did not meet my expectations at all… how the enlightened human should look like.  He was just the opposite, of what I imagined.

He really looked like a guy from prison… and he was talking and acting like one. He was swearing, using lots of street language and looked far away from enlightened…

Absolute inner freedom and true wisdom…!

However, he had absolute inner freedom and he didn‘t care what others thought of him (as he says: “I don’t identify myself  with this body or personality so I don‘t give a fuck about what  others think about it”).

I was really surprised when I heard him answering the questions! I was so touched by him. I knew he was a TRUE MASTER!

I didn’t care how he was talking or how he was behaving. It was a feeling, like I filled my soul with wisdom… I felt like a man who was traveling through a desert without water… and finally found a village with a well!

Gintaras had a really tough life. From his early stages, he was living on a knife-edge. He was living on his own practically from 12 years old. He had an alcoholic mother, which didn’t take care of him. He started earning lots of money with frauds and other illegal stuff. He had strong personality and qualities, which attracted people to him. Lots of peoples just wanted to be near him and he became a gang leader.

19 years old: lots of illeagal stuff, leader of the gang… and the toughest Soviet Uninion jail!

Gintaras Lunskis, Master of Wisdom

Gintaras Lunskis, Master of Wisdom in a seminar. Vilnius. Lithuania

He got to the toughest Soviet Union jail when he was 19 years oldIt was a nightmare! Warders behaved with prisoners like an animals. No one cared. At that time there were no law to protect this. You had no right to complain.

Things which doesn’t kill you, make you stronger! For him, every day was like walking on the edge of the cliff… He taught himself to see people like an open book. He had to! Because if he wouldn’t know what other side is thinking… he could be dead any day!

Gintaras was tough from outside, but really, in his heart, he was a very sensitive child. When he was alone, he liked reading philosophy, psychology, spiritual books…  he knew, that one day, he’d like to run away from this world, close himself and just meditate…

One time at the seminar, one person asked him about his main breakthrough in life.

What he touched – turned into gold! Experience, sitting on bags of money (literally)

The story began, that in life, when he started living on his own, he always had lots of money. It’s like everything what Gintaras touched turned into gold. He was wearing the greatest clothes, driving the greatest car…  it Soviet Union it was unseen.

One time, he noticed, that money began to fade. That he could not get the money any more… that everything, what he created, started to crash…

He had a plan to go to America, because he had good friends there… but everything got so bad, that he could not go there… Gintaras says, that everything was planned for him from the above… he had to lose everything!

However, one day a man came to him and asked if he has a scope and relationships in Deutschland to get there lots of contraband cigarettes from Russia… he had lots of relationships there, and said: “OF COURSE!“… and started to work with this illegal stuff. He mentioned, that money started to flow again. But now, more than ever before…! As Gintaras said: “at that time, if I earned 10 000 german marks a day, it was a bad bad day…!”. He was sitting o bags of money (literally).

Finally, in Deutschland’s jail… He SAW GOD (Real Self). It changed his life!

But… finally he got caught and went to Deutschland jail, which was like a monastery… his dream come true. He had lots of time to read, to meditate, to be with himself… and there, he experienced that, which can be called ENLIGHTENMENT!

From that point, his life changed forever…! He SAW GOD (real himself)!

People wanted to meet him… and it started…!

MEDITACIJA - Gintaras Lunskis - seminaras

Gintaras in a seminar about meditation

When he got back, he started sharing his insights in discussion forums. People were stunned. They wanted to meet him. So people in forum started to organize small meetings in a café. And in one of those meetings I met him…

One of my friends, which also met Gintaras, was a lecturer, and suggested his help to organize a satsang. He ordered a conference room, promoted the event to his audience and lots of people came. After that, Gintaras was invited to another country to speak… and another…

I personally went to see him everywhere he was speaking. At that time, I started to learn internet marketing, and suggested Gintaras my help. I suggested him to put some videos on youtube… to make some paid seminars… and everything started to roll.

He got more and more popular in Lithuania. Now, it’s time to translate what he is talking and give it to the rest of the world! I know that you would like and benefit from it!

Here is the video where Gintaras talks about ENLIGHTENMENT (from his own experience!):

This is a transcript from a video about ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT.

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